Why should I purchase the Medall Health Monitor and Privilege Card (Medall HMP card)?

Medall is an integrated diagnostic center with a variety of service offering ranging from basic X-rays to complex MRI’s, and ranging from basic sugar tests to complex pathological tests! With over 100 MD Radiologists and Pathologists; voted South India’s largest diagnostic services and fastest growing company; and with over 66 centers where most of the modalities are available; Medall has served over 3 million customers in 2014! In doing so and understanding the most commonly written tests with the help of its panel of distinguished Doctors, Medall has developed a health monitoring package and health check package – The Medall Health Monitoring and Privilege Card (Medall HMP card).

This Card brings to you and your family significant value and assured quality backed with application to monitor your health. Included in the package or Kit are valuable coupons (Medall HMP coupons) worth over Rs. 24,000.
Today, an individual spends around Rs. 3000 to maintain an Air conditioner per annum, about Rs. 12000 to maintain a motorcycle and this Medall HMP card offers the most frequently prescribed tests for Free (listed Health Monitor tests and listed Health Check up) along with health monitoring for the price of Rs. 5555 only! In addition, Medall HMP card also offers 10% off on all tests and services that are not covered in the Medall HMP Kit but offered by Medall; a customer service center support to help you with appointments; reminder service; trending of health data etc. The best part of being a card holder is the feature where you can share the card with family, friends, household staff and other near, dear ones. All the individuals who share your card are entitled to all the benefits offered through the Medall HMP cards and coupons.