Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Medall HMP card help monitor my health?

To monitor your health Please login to the Medall Customer reports App on android phones or on non-android devices, go to the My Vitals page. This would have the trend charts of different parameters which are to be monitored.

Can the coupons be recycled?

No! While making the payment, the Medall representative will take away your coupon presented for that particular test.

What if I lose my card?

The kit contains 2 cards so that the primary card holder can always keep one and the 2nd card can be shared. But in case of loss of both cards, ONLY the primary card holder can purchase maximum of 2 additional cards for Rs. 250 per card.

When will I get my permanent card?

You should expect a call from Medall Customer services on purchase of the card, to welcome you as a card holder and also to verify your personal details. After this call, the Medall HMP card along with the kit, will arrive at the address given and validated, in approximately 7 days. Until the arrival of […]

Why should I purchase the Medall Health Monitor and Privilege Card (Medall HMP card)?

Medall is an integrated diagnostic center with a variety of service offering ranging from basic X-rays to complex MRI’s, and ranging from basic sugar tests to complex pathological tests! With over 100 MD Radiologists and Pathologists; voted South India’s largest diagnostic services and fastest growing company; and with over 66 centers where most of the […]