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Medall HMP Card is one-of-its-kind card where the individual is empowered to stay aware of his/her parameters by timely monitoring through carefully chosen and commonly prescribed tests, and it encourages to share this privilege with family, friends and others who will also profit from the plethora of benefits from this unique card!

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Frequently prescribed and comprehensive health tests chosen by panel of doctors to choose from, worth over INR 11,000/-

Show your love! The Kit carries 2 cards so that you can share it with all your loved ones, and when we say all, we seriously mean all.

25 value Coupons where you can save upto INR 24,000/- on becoming the member of Medall HMP Card family.

Medall Health Monitor App on Mobile as well as Web helps you to monitor the health of your entire family. It provides the trends of vital parameters

You or any of your near and dear ones carrying the card gets 10% off on all future tests / services provided by Medall

You and your loved ones can avail services across any of the 66 participating Medall centres across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Amount up to INR 5,ooo.oo is eligible for claim as deductions u/s. 80D

You have access to dedicated call center service to address any of your issues or queries.

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A convenient feature that aids the card holder in his positive resolution to monitor his health is the Medall Health Monitor App.

Medall health Monitor on Android

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Non android users can use our website for monitoring their report. The login & Password is mentioned at the bottom of the bill receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

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